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Aesthetic Machine / Lipo Master(Liposuction + RF) Machine

Lipo Master is one of only two Korean made Liposuction + RF machines that simultaneously offers both functions by 1 hand piece at the same time. Single hand piece sucks cellulite & fat from the body and at the same time, the same hand piece simultaneously re-shapes body contour with RF function. Both functions are done by 1 hand piece at the same time.

Lipo Master(Liposuction + RF) Machine + Features and Effectiveness

Doing liposuction and re-shaping the body at the same time by 1 hand piece

Cellulite & Fat Reduction

Cellulite & Fat control of the abdomen, buttocks and calves etc.

Prevents uneven skin after liposuction

Enhancing fine lines and skin elasticity

Enhancing Scars

Relieve the muscle pain

Prevents yo-yo syndrome after liposuction surgery

Suitable for Breast, Abdomen & Hip-up management

Separate RF only function is possible.

Light weight for easier handling: 30kg