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Aesthetic Machine / Nano-Q Oxygen Jet Peel & Scalp Caring Machine

The Supremest Oxygen Jet Peel Version of jet peel machines of Korea

1. Strong & Effective Oxygen Jet & Spray Functions
2. Excellent Nano-Mist(Nano-Sizing) Function: Nano-sizing cosmetic solutions in order to maximize the
    absorption by the skin. And simply spray nano-sized misty solutions onto the skin for deep absorption.
3. Iontophoresis & Galvanic Current Function
4. Skin Vacuuming Function
5. Entirely not even 1 repair request has been observed during last 7 years among Jet Peel series machines.
    Extremely well-constructed with beautiful stabilities

Nano-Q Oxygen Jet Peel & Scalp Caring Machine + Features and Effectiveness

The upgraded version of Smart Jet Peel

Nano-sizing cosmetic medicine & moisture sprayed which maximizes the absorption by the skin & scalp.

Supplementary functions of Iontophoresis & Galvanic current have been added.

120/sec super compressor

Oxygen injection promotes skin rejuvenation after skin peeling.

Super spray and jet - Spray and jet injection amounts can
be adjusted during the treatment.

No incision and No damage to the skin tissue

Wide Scalp Care & Management

Removing all wastes & dead horny tissue cells from the skin & scalp

Effective for seborrhea skin pores, itching and
dandruff virus

Preventing hair loss & Promoting hair restore

Applicable to all kinds of skin