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Aesthetic Machine / HydroBeauty Hydrogen-Rich Beauty Jet Machine

& HYDROBEAUTY Hydrogen-Rich Jet applied Beauty Enhancement Program

  • - Korea’s Very First Hydrogen-Rich Face & Skin Jet Machine for Human Skin -
  • - Oxygen Free Radicals Badly Ruin Human Skin. -
  • - Hydrobeauty Jet & HYDROBEAUTY Program More Badly Kill Oxygen Free Radicals on Your Skin. -
  • - An Advanced Substitute for Current Oxygen Jet Peel Machines -

<<Basic Principles>> The principle is quite simple but very logical. Well-known oxygen free radicals are unstable and incomplete atoms(O). Which largely harm human body especially the skin.

 Simply, the molecular formula of water is H2O. Hydrobeauty continuously generates & jets hydrogen atoms(H) onto the skin throughout the whole HYDROBEAUTY program. And these hydrogen atoms effectively combine with those oxygen free radicals on your skin. Combined atoms of hydrogen and oxygen free radicals become forms of water(H2O) and easily are discharged from your skin.

HydroBeauty Hydrogen-Rich Beauty Jet Machine + Features and Effectiveness

Excellent Oxygen Free Radicals Eliminator from Your Skin

Superbly Decrease & Delay Skin Aging

Greatly Strengthen Skin Elasticity & Reduce Fine Wrinkles

2 Ways of Hydrogen Emissions by the Air Gun as well as the Hydrogen Mask

Simultaneous both Hydrogen Jet & Hydrogen Mask Functions are Possible.

Combined Emission with Skin Cosmetics

The Jet Amount of Hydrogen & Cosmetics is Adjustable.

The Unique & Patented Method of Hydrogen Jet & Spray

Standard Cosmetics are Supplied Together with the Main Machine. All These Cosmetics are USA FDA Approved.

Possible to Use for the Post Caring Purpose of the Hifu and Laser Treatments

Standard Accessorial Cosmetics

1. Stem Cell TeN-10 Rejuvenation Cream(3pcs) / 2. High-Performance Skin Care Ampoule(20pcs)
3. Facial Mask Pack(50pcs) / 4. Optional 5 Type Basic Cosmetics Set(5 items in 1 set)

Hydrogen-Rich Beauty Jet applied Beauty Enhancement Program