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KMT, so far, has been developing and supplying the finest medical lasers to the world. KMT understands what the medical laser customers want by its long experience and technology. KMT is proud that all of its engineers are very experienced and senior engineers are even the longest medical laser engineers in Korea. Now, KMT can proudly declare it will continue to develop and supply superior quality medical lasers to the world laser customers.

In addition, KMT has the strongest abilities and technologies in medical laser research and development in Korea.

KMT, Korea Medical Technology

CO2 Laser / KMT-30 CO2 Laser / KMT-25 Fractional CO2 Laser / KMT-FSC Scanner Fractional CO2 + 30W Ultra Pulse CO2 Laser Fractional CO2 Laser / KMT-FST Ultra Stamp Fractional CO2 Laser Q-switched Nd:YAG / KMT-QS(DREAMSYS) Long Pulsed Nd:YAG / KMT-LP(Under Development)