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Aesthetic Machine / Cavi-W Cavitation Machine

Cellulite Reduction, Partial Face Lifting & Acne Treatment

The Principles of Cavitary Ultrasonic Waves

Cavitation here refers to the cavity state of the fat & cellulite by cavitary ultrasonic waves. And cavitary bubbles are continuously generated in the fat cells and cellulite by the ultrasonic energy of Cavi-W. When these bubbles break themselves, they also break fat & cellulite cell walls. 38KHz cavitary ultrasonic waves constantly make these bubbles and effectively break the fat & cellulite cells as a consequence. Broken fat & cellulite cells are pushed out by the kidney and intestine through macrophages and lymphatic vessels.

Nano-Q Oxygen Jet Peel & Scalp Caring Machine + Features and Effectiveness

Very effective Fat & Cellulite management of abdomen, buttocks, calves & Forearm

Constant & Stable large size output cavitation hand piece

Separate Body and Face hand piece

Easy to operate control panel

Acne & Other skin troubles management / Regional Skin Lifting

Prior treatment for the Liposuction(Fat & Cellulite suctioning) operation

Before & After management of lipolysis injection such as HPL, PPC & LLD

4 variable pulse modes : Continue, Pulse 1, 2 and 3

Clean & Charming design